How can i check my fnb balance without airtime

how can i check my fnb balance without airtime

How do I check my FNB balance without app? STEP 1: Dial *# from your FNB Connect Ensure that you have some airtime, then perform these USSD actions. FNB's eWallet has made it easy for users to conduct transactions such as sending & withdrawing money without having an account. Here's how. Using your cellphone to access your money at an FNB ATM credit balances on the eWallet. How do I access the money or buy airtime using my. Applicants will be paid from the month in which they apply — there SASSA grant packages came in handy when the pandemic ravaged the South African economy. FNB have noticed how customers don't really keep branch codes in their heads but branch names instead. You can send cash to a total of R5 Show more. Accept Airtime as a payment method for your product or services. An OTP Pin code has been smsed to your mobile number.

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