How long can probation period be

how long can probation period be

In the event that they do, having a probation period in the contract can be of benefit. To the first point, A very long probation. The Risk of Terminating During Probation Period. It's important to be aware that as soon as your employee clocks up six months of employment –. What is a probation period and how can you implement it successfully? Whether they are employees on probation or long-time employees.

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: How long can probation period be

How long can probation period be
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How long can probation period be -

If your decision is to extend the probationary period, make sure that you continuously track their growth and help them to improve their performance with training and support. My probation period was extended, should I be worried? If you become unwell during probation, and need to take sick leave , this is a scenario in which an extension of your probation period is likely. Am I monitoring where employees are in their probation periods — ensuring that I can still dismiss safely if I need to? Include in the contract that employment is subject to a probation period, how long and how long it can be extended by.
how long can probation period be
A very recent decision of the Court of Appeal is highly relevant here. Here's what you need to know: 1. You should make your employee feel included in the conversation, and allow them to voice any observations -- particularly if staying on board with the company is still a possibility. Your employer has a duty to take reasonable steps to assist employees such as giving them adequate training to enable them to carry out their job. You should also factor in how long you think it will take you as the employer to make how long can probation period be fair judgment about how they've adapted to the how long can probation period be, and their ability to do the job moving forward. By including this wiggle room in the contract, your company will have more flexibility about whether or not you want to keep someone on board. Employers will often carry out an application and interview process.

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