What documents required for kotak 811 kyc

what documents required for kotak 811 kyc

Documents Required. To apply for Kotak & Edge savings account you should have: Aadhaar card; PAN card. Fees & Charges. To apply for Kotak zero balance account you need to have the following documents: 1. PAN Card. 2. Aadhaar Card. I cannot meet your customer executive in person. Can I still open an account with you? What are the documents required for the completion of KYC?
what documents required for kotak 811 kyc

What documents required for kotak 811 kyc -

Security concerns Although bank authorities claim that eKYC and video KYC encryption ensures data privacy and security, according to Shirhatti, conducting KYC processes over a video call does involve data privacy risks since sensitive information and documents are being shared. You should keep an address proof in the pharmacy hand if the branch where you have your account asks for it. Important Note: If your account balance is less than the minimum level required to keep your account open, you will transfer that amount. How do I use my Virtual Debit Card? It is prudent to receive a complete bank statement before closing your account. Once you submit the closure form and the necessary documentation, The account is what documents required for kotak 811 kyc within 7—10 working days. Also, make sure you have a camera phone and a good internet connection. If your internet connection is not stable, the process may not be successful. You need to write the names of all the account holders in the form. However, in most cases, such account type comes with non-maintenance charges, where if the account balance goes below minimum balance criteria then the bank levies certain percentage of penalty for the same. To be aware of and comply with any updates about the process. Covid has changed the way we bank, among other things.

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